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Ceramic Z-GLOSS®

This is the Ultimate in Vehicle Paint Coating

How can Ziebart Ceramic Z- Gloss protect your vehicles?

Ceramic Z-Gloss® utilizes Ziebart's nearly 60 years of experience in developing and producing automotive protective coatings for unmatched protection for your vehicle.

Providing a strong, ceramic protective layer with enhanced gloss characteristics, Ceramic Z-Gloss locks that gorgeous shine into your vehicle. Not only will the shine be amazing, but the protection you'll get for your vehicle's paint is unmatched. That's all thanks to the three-layer coating available only with our new Z-Gloss.

We're talking about an impact resistant, chemical resistant, acid rain resistant, UV resistant, scratch resistant, temperature resistant, high gloss finish that will have your vehicle looking newer than new. Not only that, but this gloss will not fade and it will require ZERO waxing.


What is the difference between over the counter polishes and Ziebart's Diamond Gloss?

Diamond Gloss® by Ziebart is paint protection coating that will give your ride a stunning, glossy shine every day. Unlike over-the-counter waxes and polishes, Diamond Gloss® stands the test of time and provides you with a showroom shine every morning. Resin-based and designed to work with your car's paint, not just on it, Diamond Gloss® is the industry standard in paint protection.

Paint Protection Coating

Paint Protection Coating

Once your vehicle is shining bright, the next step is locking in and protecting its brand new appearance with a long lasting protective paint coating. This protective coating also acts as a buffer between your paint and harmful ultra-violet rays that can impact the appearance of your vehicle.

How can you protect the interior of your car and truck?

A powerful combination of our Auto Detailing products designed to restore and protect your vehicle's interior surfaces.

At Ziebart, we know what it takes to protect vehicles and keep them looking new. Our Inner-Guard® PLUS protection package is designed to maintain your car or truck's interior, ensuring that it looks its best for years to come.

An Efficient Auto Detailing Combination
Inner-Guard® PLUS service is designed to provide a full complement of outstanding solutions to your vehicle all at once. Our Inner-Guard® PLUS service includes:

Ziebart Fabric Protection:
An effective seal against unwanted staining that resists oil, grease, and a variety of liquids and makes cleaning up after a spill simple.

Ziebart Leather Conditioner:
Protects your vehicle's leather surfaces from cracking or fading, ensuring its color and soft feel for up to six months.